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About BathNBodyMagick

Born with such a love for odd, unusual, horror and mysterious, I have always incorporated those loves into my life one way or another. Even my wedding was set for Halloween, but with my father in law being a lay preacher and elder, we changed it to October 26th especially out of respect for him being the one who married us. 

 Next came motherhood and my children are not any different then I with love for all that is creepy, strange and unusual. They loved my passion for my art, which I put together in my home decor and even in the kitchen. 

 After learning about candle making, crochet, jewelry and other crafts I enjoyed learning and doing, I decided to push a little further and look into bath product creating. Before long, I was once again using my passion for gothic style art and incorporating it into all bath items I was designing and creating. As a practicing eclectic witch, I also brought my skill of herbal and oil conjures for skin, body, and spirit into my bath magick.

 I am always creating and testing ingredients to make only the best skin care creations for not just myself, my children, husband, grandbabies and friends but its my business now and I am so honored to be creating my art with premium ingredients for others all over the world. 

Thank you for your visit and support for my products. I strive to create for you only my best conjures! Xo BathNBodyMagick owner Crystal