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Wax Melts

$2.50 - $5.95

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Cruelty free & vegan friendly ingredients (Unless otherwise noted, All wax melts are created with soy wax & coconut oil.
Cured & highly scented
Safe to handle & melt with no toxic fumes

Note- as new melts become available, they will be added to the drop down menu below.
Colors may vary.
melts will come packaged in weighed container or bagged shapes.
(Shapes in bag includes 3 shapes or 1 large. Each bag will weight over 6oz)
(Shot is in 2oz cup with lid)
🌟 wax will have weight on package before shipped⭐️

Warning- do not leave melting wax unattended or burning for more then few hours at a time. (Fire hazard when left unattended)
Scent throw is strong!. To remove wax, allow wax to melt, use cotton pad or cotton balls to soak up wax n wipe out remaining.


🖤-Mildred Ratched: feminine yet mysterious
Top Notes: peach, apricot, blackberries
Mid Notes: mandarin, cinnamon, rose
Base Notes: woods, musk

🖤-The Bogeyman: so delightful and dangerous!
Top Notes: clove, nutmeg, bergamot
Mid Notes: honeysuckle, gardenia, lily, geranium
Base Notes: amber, sandalwood, cedar, musk

🖤Orange dream- ripe oranges, creamy vanilla, sugar cubes, and vanilla ice cream

🖤Witch’s warning- (Contains Beeswax) warm buttery pound cake with high notes of pumpkin spice & low note of creamy vanilla

🖤Poisoned Apples-Poisonous candied apples scent created with a fluffy cotton candy, ripe Macintosh apples & hints of hemp flower

Witch’s Party- sweet and tempting aroma created with sugared strawberries, rainbow skittles, notes of aged wine & fizzy grape candy

🖤Sam’s Rules- candy corns, pumpkin spice, and pumpkin cupcakes

🖤 Terrifier -
A seductive marriage of tainted black rose and wild geranium with addictive, "can't live without it" notes of bergamot and gold amber.

🖤Naughty potion 🧪- sexy with strawberries! Elegance and pretty bottled up with ripe juicy strawberries cut fresh and sprinkled with pink sugar!

🖤Salem Witch- yummy pumpkin crunch cake & hints of sweet & rich cheesecake frosting