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Tell tale Heart

Could Poe have been telling a true tale? What if the heart under the floorboards stopped beating once found? Could it be useful?
Snag yourself “Tell tale Heart” bath bomb, bring into your warm bath and let it tell you a artistic version of the story famously said by Edgar.
.this item is created in the likeness of Poe’s famous story, and I do not take credit for any of Edgar’s brilliance only my artistic version of the heart under the floorboards.

Scented with Bananas 💛
Fizzy foamy 🖤
Red, fuschia, orange and yellow color🧡

Cruelty free & vegan friendly ❤️🐇☘️

Rinse tub after use 🛁

Ingredients- sodium bicarbonate, cornstarch, epsom salt, lake dyes, polysorbate 80, glitter bath approved, coconut oil, witch hazel, mica, citric acid, fragrance oil

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