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Sage it


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Summer plum scented wrapped sage bath bombs, fizz & foam & a beautiful sea blue-green aftermath.
Rinse tub after use.
Ingredients- sodium bicarbonate, vitamin E oil, fragrance oil, sunflower oil, aloe, Epsom salt, citric acid, slsa, cream of tartar, titanium dioxide, polysorbate, witch hazel

Image of Resin coffin Bath Bomb
Resin coffin Bath Bomb
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Sprinkle of Halloween Coffin
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IScream Death cone
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Coffin party
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The Mask
Image of All for me bath Magick
All for me bath Magick
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Itsy bitsy Spider
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Bath Pill
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Lucky knuckles
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On sale
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Art the Clown
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Sam’s pop
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Skull King
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Salt Soak Magick
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