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Cupcakes with a dark twist!

Visiting the morgue and greeted with fresh baked cupcake, anyone? This cupcake will not be edible, but will bring magick to your bath.
The cake base is fizz & foam bath bomb with embeds for pretty art in your tub! Each one is created with fizzy skin moisture bath melt frosting, & a Halloween type Fizzer on top made with pore cleansing activated charcoal.

Scent- marshmallow madness cupcake & Fizzer topper with cotton candy scent fizzing bath melt frosting 🧁

Available medicated upon request by note with your order.
After use, use caution for all bath add ins can create slippery surfaces!!!
Rinse tub with hot water after use- bath melt topping has coconut oil which can be slippery on tub surfaces.

Ingredients- sodium bicarbonate. Cornstarch. Epsom salt. Citric acid. Cream of tartar. Sla. Coconut oil. Grapeseed oil. Fragrance oils. Shimmer. Glitter. Poly80. Lake dyes. Witch hazel. Distilled water. Mica.