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IScream Death cone


  • Image of IScream Death cone
  • Image of IScream Death cone
  • Image of IScream Death cone
  • Image of IScream Death cone

Sweet juicy pear scented fizzy foamy bath bombs embedded with colors of red, pink, orange and yellow. Airbrushed & handpainted with shimmery mica!
These are large bath bombs! 🖤 (random color will be chosen)

How to use? Lower “I scream death cone” into your bath and let go. Once activated the color will begin to fizz out along with foamy skin care & the scent of juicy pears! Soak and enjoy.
After use, simply rinse.

Ingredients- sodium bicarbonate, vitamin E oil, fragrance oil, sunflower oil, salt blend, cream of tartar, sla, citric acid, mica, lake dyes, witch hazel, cornstarch, polysorbate 80

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