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Help Me Coffin

Deep in the cemetery lies awaken souls stuck in their bones, rising with their coffins to the top of the 8ft burial spots.
Some in one piece, others in pieces... some with large black spider 🕷

Scented in Blueberries & Champagne.

Available medicated & non. For medicated just leave note with your order. No extra fee.

Directions- lower your coffin bomb into a warm bath tub, let go and it will float while activating releasing skincare & sweet aroma along with creepy bath art! Rinse tub after use.

Ingredients- sodium bicarbonate. Cornstarch. Citric acid. Epsom salt. Cream of tartar. Fragrance oils. Ecoglitter. Mica. Lake dyes. Polysorbate 80. Witch hazel. Distilled water. Grapeseed oil. Rose clay.

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