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GucciMichael Myers Book


  • Image of GucciMichael Myers Book
  • Image of GucciMichael Myers Book

Halloween is Gucci & Michael is the Gucci of Halloween! Combined the 2 to create these book bath bombs that are scented with sweet Margaritas with lime, & contain embeds for a beautiful shimmery bath after some artistic work once activated.
These are full of shimmer & skincare. The scent is new here at BathNBodyMagick, but soon to be a staple after you, my awesome customers, help me decide.

Vegan friendly cruelty free always!

How to use- run a warm bath, lower your book bomb into the water and enjoy!
Rinse tub after use.

Ingredients- sodium bicarbonate, vitamin E oil, fragrance oils, lake dyes, mica, shimmer dust, citric acid, sla, polysorbate, jojoba oil, salt blend, cream of tartar, titanium dioxide, activated charcoal, sunflower oil, kaolin clay

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