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Image of Boogeyman
  • Image of Boogeyman
  • Image of Boogeyman

Summer nights scented coffin shape bath bombs, airbrushed Michael Myers face on each one. See images for the different looks.
Lower into a warm bath, let go and let it float, activation begins once coffin comes in contact with water & skincare dispersal within the colorful art that will spread through your bath.
Activated charcoal is used on these which has many amazing properties for healthy skin.
Witch hazel, grapeseed oil, and vitamin E oil as well.
After use, rinse tub. Any remnants left behind will remove easily with magic erasers.

Ingredients- sodium bicarbonate. Cornstarch. Citric acid. Epsom salt. Cream of tartar. Luster. Mica. Lake dyes. Polysorbate 80. Witch hazel. Vitamin E. Distilled water. Alcohol. Grapeseed oil. Activated charcoal. Fragrance oils.